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The Jews Today Do Not Tithe!

Here is an exchange of email between a Robert K. Sanders and the Jewish Rabbi Reuven Lauffer on whether Jews today pay tithes.  It came from his website at:

This is the second piece of evidence that I am presenting to you as to whether Jews today are still paying tithes.  The first evidence is in Part 1 in the form of a hyperlink to Rabbi Simmon's website.


Robert Sander's Email To The Rabbi:

From: "Robert K. Sanders"  form_message: Does God now require Jews to pay tithe according to the  Levitical system, as there are no longer a Temple and Levite priests to care for it? How are the Rabbis paid for their work? Were all excluded from paying tithe except those in agriculture and animal husbandry?

The Rabbi's Reply To Robert Sanders:

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Dear Robert,
There is no longer an obligation to support the Levites and Priests as they are no longer working in the Temple. Rabbis are normally supported by the contributions of their congregants through their Synagogue membership.

In general regular charity is a commandment that is incumbent on everyone and it teaches us the very important lesson that the money we control has been entrusted to us by G-d. One should not make the mistaken assumption that if a person works for his money then he has "earned" it and it belongs to him without any preconditions. Rather, whatever money we have has been granted to us by G-d and we must prove ourselves worthy of being the recipients of it. Therefore, we take some of our "hard earned cash" and give it to those that are less fortunate then ourselves.

Best regards from Jerusalem,

Rabbi Reuven Lauffer
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What shall we say then? We say what the bible, not what man says, and that is:

2Co 9:7  So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

Shall we not say "Amen" to that?


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